For those who find it difficult to find comfortable shoes in the shops, we provide fully bespoke or semi-bespoke orthopaedic shoes, boots and sandals. Only best-quality materials are used to make our footwear. We also offer shoes for arthritis and specialist shoes for people with diabetes to protect the foot and minimise the risk of foot problems often associated with diabetes. 

Together with you, we will design the footwear to suit your needs, whether it is stylish and fashionable, traditional, smart for business, or trainers to exercise in. You will have the opportunity to choose the leather colour, pattern and texture. Clients own footwear can also be modified with raises, wedges, floats, etc. We also offer a high quality repair service.

At your footwear measuring appointment, many measurements of the foot and ankle will be taken. Foot imprints, scans or casts may also be taken depending on the severity of the deformity or whether customised insoles are also needed. Suitable styles, design features, fastenings, materials and colours will be discussed with you.

Once the order has been confirmed, lasts are made, the shoes are manufactured and are ready for “rough fitting” a few weeks later (4 weeks for fully bespoke shoes, a shorter time for semi-bespoke shoes). Some of our shoes at this stage will be a test shoe made from transparent flexible plastic, which means we can see your foot inside the shoe and can adjust the "shoe" for as perfect a fit as possible.  Usually only one “rough fit” is required, but there may be more depending on the design of the shoe and the complexities of the prescription. The shoes will then be sent back for finishing and will be ready for supply about 2 weeks later.

A review appointment is usually made about six weeks after supply. 


Children's Orthopaedic Footwear

Hampshire Orthotics offers a wide range of children’s orthopaedic footwear -

shoes, boots, sandals and trainers in a variety of colours, styles and fastenings. They can be designed to accommodate AFO's, DAFO's and insoles. Your child can even have input into the design and colour themselves!


Prescription Safety Footwear

We can supply extra wide/extra deep or made to measure orthopaedic safety footwear for industrial purposes, conforming to the European Standard EN-ISO 20345:2011. The footwear can be customised to the patient's own medical requirements whilst incorporating the statutory Health and Safety requirements such as steel toe-caps. We can also adapt  safety footwear as needed, for example with raises, wedges, floats, etc.


Modifications to footwear

We offer modifications to footwear including customers own footwear. Please note that not all shoes are suitable for this. Modifications include:
- external raises for leg length discrepancies
- floated and wedged heels
- rocker soles
- calliper sockets and straps
- sole stiffening
- toe bumpers
- welt guards
- stretching