When calculating total costs, please add consultation fee + orthotic device + fitting fee

The price list below only includes the most common types of orthoses. Please ask us for quotes on any other device.


Appointment prices
Consultation, new patients  60 - 90 mins£180.00
Written detailed report of findings£160.00
Fitting appointment   30min £80.00
Review appointment  30min £80.00
Fine tuning up to 6 weeks post orthotic supplyfree


Orthotic Insoles
Ready made, many types, can be semi customised  from £60.00
Full custom 3D printed, polypropylene or EVA £250.00
Full custom carbon with resin posting£290.00
Full custom polyeurathane total contact £280.00
D30 top cover additional charge £30.00
Diabetic poron top cover additional charge  £30.00
Refurb orthotic insoles  £160.00



the price is very dependent on style chosen and the modifications required.

Stock shoes, extra wide/extra deep £79.00
fully custom lasts, transparent check shoe/boot and custom insoles £1200.00
1 pair test boots for home trial £730.00
Fully customised footwear (shoes, boots, sandals, supportive slippers) £1,200.00
Low activity custom soft slippers, made on custom last£450.00
Extra wide and depth safety boots (EN ISO 20345:2004)from £345.00
Semi customised orthopaedic safety boots (BS EN 20 345-1) £1200.00
Fully customised orthopaedic safety boots (BS EN 20 345-1) £1,500.00


Osteoarthritis and ligament knee braces
Medi, Townsend, Don Joy sized to fit £299.99 to £599.99
Custom carbon knee braces £699.00


Plagiocephaly LOCband
initial assessment for babies 3-15mths free
2nd assessment if no LOCband £80.00
head scan report if no LOCband£160.00
LOCband treatment (full refund if not significant improvement) £2,500.00
(includes scanning, measuring, fitting, LOCband, all reviews, cleaning fluid, letters to GP and other health professionals, final report)
custom painted (optional, payable to artist directly)£150.00-£250.00
3D models of head before and after (optional)
mounted on wooden plaque with engraved name plate£170.00


Silicon Ankle Foot Orthoses (SAFO)
SAFO one adult, silicon drop foot AFO, skin toned£1,045.00
SAFO walk adult, silicon drop foot AFO, budget model£715.00


Idiopathic toe walking 6 month programme for children (aged 2-15 yrs)
Anti toe walking brace, includes regular reviews, 1 leg £850.00
Anti toe walking brace, includes regular reviews, 2 legs £1,250.00


Other orthoses
AFO (ankle-foot-orthosis) custom polypropylene from £550.00
AFO carbon from £3000.00
Hinged AFO custom polypropylenefrom £600.00
DAFO (dynamic ankle foot orthosis)from £425.00
KAFO Knee ankle foot orthosis, polypropylene from £1500.00
KAFO  Knee ankle foot orthosis, carbonfrom £4000.00