"The difference in the person I support's happiness has dramatically increased. He now has no pain and wants to access his community more whereas before the amount of pain and discomfort he was in prevented him from enjoying his independence. Many people have noticed how happy he is now with his new boots and he is looking to get slippers as well."
Support worker for patient requiring custom orthopaedic boots

"After having standard orthotics insoles for many years and putting up with some discomfort I came to see Lucy for help. She carried out a very comprehensive review and was able to give me some options which is much more than I have ever had before. My feet are much happier now and the pain and discomfort are gone.
Lucy is extremely patient and knowledgeable and I would certainly recommend her services.
Thank you very much Lucy"
Paul Hammond
​orthotic insoles

"I found that the modifications to my shoes, and the addition of orthotic insoles, had a remarkable effect. In my old shoes, I would be stiff and struggling after walking for only a few hundred meters. The new shoes and insoles made a tremendous difference."
Dr Pete Talling
​orthotic insoles and rockers added to footwear

"Here is my testimonial, I am only too pleased to let you, and others know how much you, Lucy, have helped me. I normally find it easy to write a lot about anything, but this is difficult, because whatever I say it is not enough to tell you how much you have helped me. 
Before coming to you, I  patiently waited, being assessed and experimented on, for at least the last seven years, and have little or nothing to show for it, apart from pain and disappointment.  Within three months of seeing you I have custom orthotics, and adaptions that actually work, and make a difference to my life.  I would, and have, recommended your services to my friends and family.  You listen to your patient, and do what they want straight away, with other services you have to progress through different orthotics to get to what you need, you get given the orthotic without actually being consulted, you have to argue your case, and try each orthotic for at least a month before they will accept that it doesn’t work for you….. this is a lengthy process, and takes years to get something functional out of it, your service is the opposite, you normally have everything to hand, so it can be tried then and there on the same day, I always leave with something helpful, I can honestly say that your orthotics service has changed my life, your service allows me to explore what works for my condition, and get it made almost immediately.  All orthotics services should be like yours.  You are always up to date with current orthotic breakthroughs, your orthotics are highly customisable, and are finished to a very high standard, with quality components and materials.  I am very heavy on my feet and I haven’t broken anything that you have made yet, you take great pride in your work, and you care, as you’ve told me you are lucky that your job is also your hobby, it shows,  your service is second to none, if something doesn’t work, you refine that it so it does, or move on to another solution, you cannot compare this to the other provider -  to refine anything with them it means sending it back, taking it away from me, and leaving me with nothing for the months it takes to make any adjustment, whereas you make the changes then and there.  I was in so much pain when they took my shoes, or splints for adjustment, leaving me with nothing until the adjustment has been made (at least 3 months at a time) , but with you I always leave with a functional helpful orthosis, or something new to try.  The six weeks adjustment period you give with every orthosis allows you to make sure that everything is perfect. With your service the possibilities for orthotics are endless."
Name withheld
Custom boots, AFO (ankle foot orthosis), foot orthoses, knee braces, elbow guard, spinal corset, lycra garments, hand splint.

"I have been a customer with Hampshire Orthotics for the last 2 years.
Originally I was having real problems with spinal back pain which comes result of having quite severe Cerebral Palsy.
I originally had asked the NHS if I could get a spinal brace on the NHS as it was my thought that if I could do something that would keep me sat up straight then it would reduce my pain and my over reliance on medications that have so many side effects that the cure is worse than the problem it is trying to solve.  Despite my best efforts the NHS where totally against this saying it would not work and potentially could make my condition worse.
I took in the information and thought about it for a long while in the knowledge I did not want to make my condition worse.
I then went about the process of finding an orthotics company locally that would be able to help me.
I came across Hampshire Orthotics who I cannot praise enough their staff are more than helpful.
Now I have been a customer for the last 2 years I can say that what they did really does work.
When I wear the spinal Brace I don't need to take all the horrible medications that apparently stop the pain, whereas when I don't wear the brace I end up doped up and barely able to stay out of bed.
In short for me my spinal brace (TLSO) really does make a difference and I simply cannot explain what it means to be as near pain free as is possible.
I would highly recommend that anyone who is really struggling with pain just contact them for a chat and you never know you may be able to find a solution that improves your life and reduces your pain.
Spinal brace